4: Mystical France as Magdalene qua Magdalene

Mary Magdalene by Jan Van Scorel. Public Domain.

The appearance of the mystical kingdom of Catholic and Royal France is Magdalene qua Magdalene. St. Mary Magdalene in her glory is the ontological condition for Mystical France in the center of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Magdalene is prior to the constitution of the kingdom. Her intercession with Our Lady and Our Lord imbues the combined hearts of Joan and Thérèse with her appearance on the shores of Provence in a transcendental constitution discernible to our noetic field of meaning. Through this immanent constitution, we ascend the stairway of Magdalene’s Mystical France.

St. Mary Magdalene is our means of True Devotion to the Virgin Mary through the aletheian fount of Catholic and Royal France in our hearts. Through the ontological condition for the appearance of Mystical France in our hearts, Magdalene reveals her friendship with us. She is the liaison between Our Lady and us as members of her royal line. She is the Foundress of Mystical France who benevolently bestows God’s grace on us through the mediation of Our Lady. We are who we are in the kingdom because of God’s will, Our Lady’s desire, and Magdalene’s Ladyship of Mystical France.

Magdalene’s charism in the kingdom is the inceptual intellect that reconciles the correspondence of Veritas with the emergence of Aletheia