8: The Alabaster Light

Mary Magdalene by Jan Van Scorel. Public Domain.

Magdalene’s alabaster jar represents the soft light of her syntax. The bright transparency of her jar reflects the fire of her Heavenly ointments which are graces from Our Lord Jesus Christ bequeathed to us through a union of hearts. These ointments are an overflow of the essence of her being in Christ, namely repentance, contrition, divine friendship, and Christ’s love. Magdalene’s mode of being is the alabaster brilliance of inceptual thinking that constitutes the soft light guiding our way.

The light is Aletheia circumscribed by metaphysics. Magdalene’s map of meaning draws light from within Catholic Veritas, and the form of the softly lit pathway navigating our way through this map is Aletheia. What we seek in prayer remains hidden inside the alabaster light. The lighted pathway through Magdalene’s map of meaning is the order of being we interpret in spiritual empathy opened to us through the Holy Spirit. We unite our hearts with Magdalene as our sister, our patroness, and the founder of our royal house. Walking the way of the alabaster light imbues our souls with love for the Holy Spirit and the Divine Trinity. We are in love with God. God is all we desire, our only possession.

The alabaster light is Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus, contemplating that which remains hidden behind his divine countenance. It is the grace of Jesus Christ through the heart of Mary Magdalene gifted to us by the Holy Spirit and the will of the Father. We love God and recognize Jesus Christ as He Who is.