Prose 1 - The Dance of Freedom - “C’est pour cela que je fus nais”

One day 
I was walking
 Through a forest

In an open field I saw an
Unusual scene
There, a group of bright,
Smiling people were,

I should say they were
For they were dancing and
Moving toward
A destination I could not see

They were happy and danced
With freedom
You could sense the grace in
Their movements
I had never seen such beauty

A young girl noticed me
She danced to me and
Took my hand

She was not afraid that I was 
I balked but she insisted
“Come join us.”
“Are you free?” she queried

“Of course,” I walked along, “I
Have lived the way I wanted”
“I have travelled where I wish”
“But are you free?” she
Danced with happiness

I stared “But I am free”
“Freedom is doing what you wish
Following no creed but the creed of
Self” I insisted
She merely danced with me some more

I could not help but to follow
With wonder
Foolish and awkward-like I
Moved to the group’s rhythm
I kind of liked it

I ran to catch up with
The young woman and 
Her friends

“But how are you so free?” I
Cried over her shoulder
She turned, her eyes were filled
With grace
“Obedience” she smiled

“To God” she continued
She swirled and danced
“Impossible! God is not one
Path-but many!” I cried back

“We follow this single path – called
The dogmatic creed” she was firm
“This way we travel together with
Certain knowledge
Of the path of our Fathers – who
Have arrived to our destination”

“Through light and darkness” she
Went on
“In safety and in danger
In joy and in heartache – we
Stay on the dogmatic path”

“You are a slave to your path!” I
Was in disbelief
“That is not freedom”
“It is not rational to follow a
Dogmatic path – I make my own

“Are you not free to consent to
Believe?” she pulled me along the
“Are you not free to choose obedience?”
“Is your freedom only freedom to rebel?”

“You are free to choose” she
“And only you can do that”
“For your will is yours, and it is

The group continued dancing
Joyfully through the day
And into the evening
As they journeyed through the

Confused, I could not help but
Follow along
For truth be told
I had been lost when I stumbled
Across these saints

I stood alone in a broad field
I looked back into the dark forest
Like from where I had come

I remembered how it was I was lost
Individualism, rebellion, relativism
Believing everything can be
Believed, therefore, believing nothing

I cried as I had to make a
Yes, I was free
Free to make a choice

As I struggled and watched my new 
Friends dance on
Another young woman, a warrior
Approached  me
“C’est pour cela que je fus nais” she
Whispered  to me

Yes! “C’est pour cela que je fus nais!”
I turned toward my friends
I ran fast, stumbling through the
To join them on their path

I made my decision
In total freedom
And now I dance with them – 
Seeing now the destination

Those at the front
Who are getting close
Break their rhythm – and run
Toward it with joy