Prose 2 - The Dance of Reason -“In Principio Erat Verbum”

Joyously through the woods on
The dance of freedom
We came to a bridge where I
Froze in my tracks

“What? This on the path of the
Dogmatic Creed?” I could not accept
“The path of the Dogmatic Creed 
Cannot contain this!”
“No, it cannot be…I became lost
Looking for this very bridge”

The bridge had a sign on the front
“The Bridge of Reason”
On the other side was another sign
But it could only be read from

My new saintly sister and my new
Ran joyously over the thing with no
They were lighter and simpler than
Me, though

I could not cross like them
For if Reason has a bridge here
On the Dogmatic Creed
It had to be a mighty weak 
And shadowy bridge

My saintly new sister beckoned
From the bridge
“You must have Reason to find
Our destination – come!”
She waved me on

“This path,” I stammered “Cannot
Hold true Reason!”
“In the beginning was, well
“I have enjoyed the journey, but I
Am afraid it is a mere dream!”

“Tell? Your reason came from nothing?”
Her eyes widened but danced and smiled
“Then your rational reason is born of
Irrational nothing!”
“Rationality swims out of a pool of
Irrationality!” she burst out laughing

“No wonder you were lost,
Dear brother” she gazed
“I must take you to the Logos
The Verbum”
“Hurry along!”

Her gaze penetrated my soul
Something that gave me joy
But I had come to fear
I had trouble answering her

“No! True Reason cannot come
From Unreason!” she giggled
“You’re mad!”
She laughed again and waved
Me on

“Only Creative Reason can create
Reason – come on!” she was anxious
“We shall meet love, yes”
“But in meeting love we shall also
Meet the Logos! Reason Himself!”

Hesitating no longer
I ran to meet her on the
It was much stronger than I
Had anticipated

To my saintly sister’s
I stayed for a while
To soak in the joy of the
View, that of real Reason

From the bridge on the
Narrow path
Of the Dogmatic Creed
The path of the Apostolic

Giving in
I ran to the other side and
Continued the journey
But wait! I turned to read the
Sign forbidden me before

The sign read:
“In Principio erat Verbum”
“In the beginning was the

Once more my saintly sister
Had brought light and wisdom
To my eyes
In the beginning was Verbum
The Word of Reason

As we danced on from our (or
Should I say my)
Harrowing ordeal
My saintly sister yelled back to

“Reason is Love
And Love is the Reason!”
She danced and laughed
What next?